We all pay high insurance premiums and the least we expect when having a water damage or mold damage problem in our homes is to have a fair and smooth process in restoring them the way they were before the damage.

Even though it sounds like a simple process; recovering from a storm or a regular plumbing problem in your house could be complicated and it may become a nightmare if it is not managed properly.

There are many things to consider when facing a problem in your house. These are some questions that may need to be answered before moving forward:

  1. Do you know exactly what caused the damage?
  2. Is this something covered under your Home Owner Insurance Policy?
  3. How much the service will cost?
  4. It is worthy opening an Insurance claim?
  5. Who is the best contractor(s) to call for this particular situation?

 In future articles, we will address in details every single question, but for now we will just give you a rough idea on what to expect in this situation.

Mold in a closet1. Discovering what cause the damage

Some house problems are more obvious than others. For instance, you were out of town and when you come back, you find a flooded basement. You then realize a hole in the wall where the drywall collapsed and an exposed a burst pipe behind which caused the water damage.

There are other times when the source is not as noticeable. For example, one day, out of the blue, you discovered a black stain (which may be mold) on your ceiling and wall behind a book shelf. There is a window near by but the kitchen is also right above it. So, what should you do first? Call a plumber or a water and mold remediation company?

2. Determining Insurance coverage

When buying a HOIP (Home Owners Insurance Policy), most of us are just thinking on how much fun we will have in this new home (or at least new to us). We try to pay as little as possible for the policy, hoping nothing bad will happen to us.

 There are a lot of decisions we should make when buying a HOIP, such as the deductible, additional protections and limits of certain coverages. Also, we must know about the EXCLUSIONS. Very Important!

It is essential to read your Insurance Policy to determine if the damage is covered and the actual deductible is not too high.

3. Determine the total cost

It is extremely difficult for any company to provide an accurate estimate over the phone so a visit to your house is inevitable. While water or mold remediation companies charge per s/f (square foot), please consider that every single case is unique and there are other factors that may change the price. The inspection and opinion of an experienced technician could be the difference between an easy process or a huge headache.

4. Deciding whether to open a claim or not

In some cases, fixing a problem will require the intervention of several contractors. Some of the affected materials may not be salvageable or restorable to acceptable standards and replacement is inevitable.
However, with new technologies and the advancement of drying equipment; water mitigation contractors are able, in many cases, to restore most of the wet materials which in turn will save thousands of dollars for you and the Insurance Companies.

Some Insurance companies may cover mold damage when it is related to a covered water damage loss. Most of the times, water mitigation companies have the tools to detect the source of water. Knowing exactly what caused the problem may be the difference between you getting rejected or covered by your Insurance company. Nowadays, Insurance deductibles are extremely high and opening claims may also affect your policy renewal. We recommend you call a water mitigation contractor before deciding if opening a claim is the best decision.

5 stars company

5. Picking the right contractor

There are many options out there, from numerous new franchise names to local contractors, So how can you know you’re picking the best option? Unless you’re are having an emergency that cannot wait, it is always important to have more than one opinion. Most water mitigation companies offer free estimates during business hours and they have a charge after business hours, but this charge should not be to expensive.

If excellent and personal service is what you expect, going with a local company is your best shot. It is always rewarding working with a trust-wordy local family owned business. They take a lot of pride in what they do and since they do not pay any franchise fee, getting a better price is very common. With the increase traffic in social websites, it is now easier to find what previous customers are saying about them. High Quality Websites such as Google, Yelp, or Angie’s List are great places to check the quality of a company through their reviews.


Even though being informed is definitively the best option, sometimes emergencies don't give you any time to stop and think about everything described above and consulting with an experienced professional is your best answer.

Give us a call and one of our certified experts at Serviclean Inc will guide you through and help you to get back to your normal life style.

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